Creating and Storing a Digital Music Collection: Why the Right Jump Drive Will do the Trick

Posted on June 23, 2017 By

People love access to music wherever they may be. With digital files so common these days, it makes sense to purchase mp3 files of older albums as well as new ones, and find a place to store them for future use. Cloud storage is great, but what happens when there is no connection to the Internet? One solution is to keep one or more customized USB drives around to maintain copies of those digital files.

Easy to Arrange Files on the Drive

Keeping the digital music collection in order on a jump drive is not difficult. The process is similar to storing and organizing files on a computer hard drive. All it takes is creating a main file bearing the name of the artist. Each album mp3 by that artist is then placed in the main file. Since the album files bear the title of the album, it will be easy to plug the drive into a USB port, wait as the device opens the drive and displays the files, then select the one that the individual wants to hear.

Repeat this approach with every artist represented in the collection. Since the main files will be arranged in alphabetical order, it will be easy to scan the list, select the appropriate file, then start the mp3 file of choice.

How Much Storage is Needed?

Quite a few digital music files can be housed on a single drive. Depending on the size of the tracks, it’s not impossible to have as many as 500 albums stored on a single 64GB drive. Serious collectors can invest in drives with greater capacity and potentially store thousands of digital albums if they like.

How Long Will the Files Last?

It’s true that these types of drives will not maintain the files forever. It’s a good idea to assume they will remain functional for around eight or so years and then copy them to another drive.

When offering customized drives as free gifts at trade shows, remind the recipients that they can be used for more than storing documents. This might be the little extra that makes the meeting more memorable and encourages the recipient to call and learn more about the goods and services offered by the presenter.