Identity theft: A Serious Fraud

Posted on November 13, 2016 By

Crime is always crime irrespective of the method of execution and the criminal background. Theft is a serious type of crime that is generally done by criminals in day to day life. People are normally aware of these common types of thefts that are taking place from ancient times.

Very few are aware of the new term “Identity theft” that has create havoc in the life of many people. Traditional method of theft is now gone and it is successfully replaced by Identity theft. Increasing technology has posed this issue that need to be solved at the earliest.

Identity theft creates a lot of problem to the victim’s life.  It becomes both mental and physical problem for the victim. In only US, it is estimated that Identity theft is done every two minutes.  People are thus easily falling in prey for the criminals who are sitting quietly at their convenience and creating such issues.

The criminals steal the information of the person and later on misuse it for their profit. They infiltrate the credit history and credit limit in order to use it as fast as possible. They then sell the information in bulk to other criminals.


It should also be noted that many criminals are getting arrested and sentenced to jail, but this is not enough as majority of the criminals are still far away from the justice and law. Check out the Identity Guard review before you choose the service to protect you from identity theft.

Experienced cyber criminals pose a very great threat as they are tough to be traced and hence flew very easily. This havoc is creating a mess and new customers are thus not relying on the technology to safeguard their money.

You can easily find out a huge number of victims out there, who did not receive any sort of justice from the law. It is thus advised to keep an eye on the transactions and the card information.

You should not trust all websites and vendors as they can pose to be the main gateway for revealing your online details. Online shopping and ecommerce provide such kinds of problems.

Government is coming up with lots of precautionary measures. Few banks are already clearing or covering up the loss amount. But, this cannot become the solution for long term.

A sustainable type of method should be used so that customers should feel safe to transact through the internet irrespective of the chances of fraud cases. Many cases are already solved and many are on the process to get solved.