Types of Zipper Chain by the Yard That You Can Buy

Posted on February 6, 2017 By

When we talk of zipper chain by the yard, we mean the zippers that can be bought in longer sizes so that one can cut them to their required size. You can find all the various types of zipper chain by the yard if you visit our zipper shop either online or through the physical stores. With the zipper chains, one only needs to buy a lengthy roll of the zipper and then have them cut and measured according to their zipper needs. You can then put stoppers and sliders are then put. However, these sliders and stopper are sold individually according to one’s needs.

The size nylon coil zipper is a continuous chain that comes in many colors. You can buy the zipper from 1 yard and it ranges from $0.85 and above. There are other zippers by the yard such as aluminum zippers and brass zippers that are also s old by the yard. These are sold from any length up to 99 yards.